The greeting of Board Chairman

During my 30 years of working experience at a Japanese language school, I have succeeded in helping over 20,000 international students graduated, to either further their studies or find employment .
Also, since I got the experience with been exchanged around 20~30 countries, I deeply understand the important of communication, and how difficult to understand each other with different cultural backgrounds.
Thus, “Multicultural Symbiotic Support Center” would like to organize a number of activities that aims to enhance multicultural understandings between Japanese and foreign students.

Board Chairman  Momoko NAKAZAWA

Board Chairman Momoko NAKAZAWA


Since 2003
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Board Chairman NAKAZAWA Momoko
Director OMURA Takashi
Director OGAWA Shigeru
Director TANAKA Takeharu
Director HYUN Dong Shil
Director NUNOMURA Yukihiko
Director  MICHISHITA Hiroo
Auditor TSUJISHIMA Akira

As of July 2023

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April, 2003
Board Chairman
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